Sell Your Newspaper Templates

Selling newspaper templates can be a lot of fun. So we've decided to open up our studio to other like minded designers.
To get started, we've created a simple form to accept newspaper template submissions.

We welcome all submissions and here are our requirements.
If the requirements don't make sense to you, please submit anyways and we will give you a chance!

Submission Requirements

  • Template must work with one of the following programs: Word, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Minimum of 1 page
  • Not be copyrighted by any newspaper company
  • Your own creation
  • Must not include the fonts (with the exception of free, non-copyrighted fonts)
  • We do accept and like free font newspaper templates
  • Must include a font download link list to the copyrighted fonts in your template
  • Copyrighted photographs must be removed from the template
  • Copyrighted photos can be used in the promotional assets to sell the template

How to Become a Best Seller

  • Submit an actual newspaper template that you have the rights to
  • Design easy-to-edit 8.5x11 inch Word or Photoshop Templates made with free fonts
  • Submit a newspaper template bundle
  • If you sell on Creative Market or Graphic River you can cross link from these sites to this site

Our Office

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St.Marys, ON, N4X 1C7